Wasaga Beach Olympic Distance – Sept. 10th

Swim (1.5km)

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Going into this swim, it was the first time I competed with a wetsuit and boy, what a difference.  I got out on the open water twice in the wetsuit before the race and had put in a marginal effort training for the swim leg. I’m confident in my swim, especially at 1.5km. As we prepared for the start of the race, I remember deciding that the swim was not to be stressed about. “Just try to go straight.”

I have a terrible habit of adding mileage onto the swim with my inability to spot properly.  This race was no difference, however, I still made out like a bandit.  Right from the start I felt strong as I tried to get in front of a bunch of competitors and then focus on establishing my rhythm. I didn’t feel overly quick, just smooth and steady.  I did look up at one point and find myself completely off course, but besides that, I did alright.  I came out of the water tired, yet feeling good. I didn’t get passed by anyone not wearing a light blue cap. I kept those yellow caps at bay.

Having never done the whole wetsuit thing, I ran the entire beach with the wetsuit done up. Man, I was scorching hot when I got into the transition area.

Swim Time:  27:15  — 1:57/100m

Bike (40 km)

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Onto the bike, my legs felt heavy. I couldn’t find a nice, steady cadence for almost 20km. The course in Wasaga is quite flat with only a couple quick kickers, both within the first little bit.

I got used to getting passed very quickly on the bike. My time out of the water gave way to a constant flow of riders, a few of whom passed me like I was standing still.  The wha-wha-wha of disc wheels approaching from the left and dissipating into the nice September air felt natural by the end of the ride.  Luckily, I found a group of riders by about 25km that were travelling at about the same speed and I was able to yo-yo with them. No one drafting, but often trading who lead who followed.

By the last 10km, I had found my cadence and was spinning nicely, but the 35km mark came too soon and it was all over.  Getting off the bike turned out to be a bit of a gong show as I tried to get my undo the velcro on my shoe and put my foot on top, which worked for my right foot. My left foot wouldn’t come out of the shoe, so there I was dismounted, one foot barefoot, the other shoed. I looked liked I’d done it before, no, really.

Am I happy with my ride? Not completely. Am I disappointed in my ride? Not completely. It was one of those rides where you do what you can and then at the end feel like you could have probably gotten a little closer to the red line.

Ride Time: 1:15:51 — 31.6 km/h


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You see, this is where I make my excuses for my less than stellar run. It was really hot; it was noon; I forgot my hat; yada, yada, yada; I blew the run. But it really comes down to I let my mind beat my body. Was it a terrible run? Not completely, I ran my first 5k on pace. My second 5k, which felt better, was slower. Coach Pinkney said, “You could see it on your face before 300m that you weren’t confident about your run.” And I guess, that was the truth. It was hard, I felt heavy and sluggish.

I completed it with a little bit of pick-up, but it was not enough to save my time and beat my overall time from last year in this event.

Run Time: 1:01:25 — 6:09/km

T1 Time: 2:15 — not bad seeing that it was my first time trying to take off a wetsuit with speed.

T2 Time: 2:03

Total: 2:49:32

Thanks to all my co-racers (Laura, Mama Pegg, Julie, Becky and Nanci) and thanks for the great encouragement from the cheerleaders (Chester, Shane-o, Coach and Coachette Pinkney)