It Has Changed Everything

A few months ago, I wouldn’t have had the ability to walk away.

I was standing in Vincenzo’s, in front of the dessert display. For you, not in Kitchener/Waterloo, picture your favourite bakery/pastry place and you will envision the smorgasbord of chocolate desserts. But there I was, and I drooled, considered and walked away.

A few months ago,  stood in the same spot and bought two, maybe three.

But not anymore.

I’ve been fairly consistent with tracking my food intake and watching what I eat. But I recognize that I’ve crossed over now.

Signing up for the Ironman has changed everything. Even the first day of school, I found myself thinking about eating consistently, staying aware of my energy, fluid intake, etc. After the school day ended, I was thinking about what training I had to do, how I’m going to organize my time.

What’s exciting about this is that it provides focus and direction. It is a major goal. Outlined clearly, with a clear end date.

What’s confronting is that it is always on my mind. It never goes away. It feels like it has the ability to take over my life. How will I find balance now that my regular life has returned?

Even more pressing, when will I be able to walk into Vincenzo’s and order that Sweet Marie bar again, without thinking of the ramifications? Or, will I choose to never eat that again?