Put On The Spandex

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I didn’t feel like riding today.  I didn’t feel like running. I didn’t feel like swimming.  I felt like sitting on my fat ass and eating a bag of chips, with dip.  That’s how I felt.

On top of all that, I’ve been off my bike, shoes and flutter board for just over a week.

It’s been a stressful week.  Its been a week where I could have used a few times running or riding, but it just didn’t work into the plans. My nutrition has been brutal this week, as multiple meals came from the hospital cafeteria. A few more have been missed. Nights of no to little sleep, sitting, waiting. The emotional toll of uncertainty. The physical toll of doing nothing.

And then today, back home, a relaxed day with nothing scheduled.  Today was a perfect day to get out and do something.  But I didn’t feel it. I spent most of the day avoiding the bike. I spent most of my day sitting.

But somehow, I forced myself to put on the spandex. Typically, once the spandex are on, you can’t just sit around the house, that’s just awkward for everyone.

So, I got on the bike.

A nice ride by myself, with a cool stiff breeze as a challenge. But I pushed myself.  All the pent up frustration, stress and energy were transferred to the pedals and I felt the magic.

The magic of catharthis.

The magic of fitness.

The funny part is that it wasn’t about the speed, my cadence, my heart rate. It was about riding. It was about that place you go to when you are testing yourself.

On top of it all, we hit the pool afterwards for a nice 1.8km swim.

And I’m back. Mentally, physically, energetically. I feel renewed.

What did I learn today? Put on the spandex. That’ll get you out the door. That’ll make everything ok.


The plan now for tomorrow, an early run and a late ride. May the magic continue…