Am I Ready?

Everyone who I run into or talk to or know me, keep asking me this same question. Am I ready?

And for those of you who have been asking, who knows?

Since January, I have swum around 250km, about 2855km, and run almost 665km. If that makes me ready, than I am.

I have taken days off when I didn’t feel up to dragging myself out the door. I avoided the torturous heat by staying inside under my fan reading a book. I cut workouts short when the rain (the three times) started pouring down. If that makes me unready, than I am.

I have set personal best times in my 5k, 10k and 15k runs. I have ridden 180k in 5:45. I have swum half-Ironman swim in under 30 minutes. If that makes me ready, than I am.

I have committed myself to the training and the lifestyle. I’ve tried to eat healthier, drop some weight, figure out my race nutrition and hydration. I’ve thought about my clothing, my equipment, my strategies for the dark moments.

And still, I don’t know.

In 17 days, when the cannon goes off, we’ll see. Until then, I keep going.

I am scared and I am nervous. But I’m also excited beyond belief.

The countdown is most definitely on and then we’ll find out if I’m ready.