The Season is Upon Us

The days are running low. I’m staring at the calendar and it seems that months have flown by and now I see six weeks between me and Triple T (four triathlons in a weekend) and only 130 days until Ironman.


With that said, I have been lax at writing on this blog for no other reason than I haven’t made the time. I have not been lax on my training…for the most part.

I’ll admit it, I haven’t been near as religious with my training as I thought I would be. I have been trading days, taking days off when my schedule requires it, and training more other days.  I’ve been trying to make it an adaptable schedule. To be honest, it scares me a little. I always thought that the more disciplined I’d be, the better off I’d be, but thus is life.

A few quick updates:

New ride

1. I got a new bike. My Trek is going to be watching from the sidelines as I saddle up on my new Cervelo P2. Laura convinced me to buy a triathlon specific bike seeing that I’d be spending so much of my life in the saddle. It makes me excited to get out and ride. I’m still getting it game ready.  One thing is for sure, new bikes cost more than just the cost of the bike. All the other little things, sure add up. I’m hoping this bike helps me find a little more speed for my 180 kilometres.

2. I raced Around the Bay. A couple Sundays ago, I gathered with 7000+ other crazies and ran the 30 kilometre road race. This was my fourth year and my trend of progressively getting faster continues.  I did it in 3 hours and 54 minutes. Six minutes faster than last year. But, I’m not satisfied. So many people have been happy for me, which is nice, but I was hoping for more. My first 10k I did in 53 minutes. This is one of my fastest 10k runs this season. My second 10k was in 56 minutes, again a great 10k for me. But then the wheels came off the bus.I stopped sweating. At around the 24 kilometre mark, I started to have leg cramps and I couldn’t get enough fluids in me. The reality of my 2:45 dream passed me by as the pace bunnies hopped past me. I should be happy with my result, and in a certain way I am, but I was on pace for a 2:45 race. Oh well, I reflect and grow. I am re-focused about hydration and nutrition.  I took it for granted that the water stations would be enough and I didn’t do the requisite research to be ready for the unseasonably warm weather. It is on me to stay hydrated.

3. My swimming has been scattered. Between a busy month of March, a week away from home, my swimming has been inconsistent.  I haven’t noticed the ill-effects, but I know that I’ve got to get back on the train of three times a week for my swim to be where I want it to be come August. I’ve always hoped that the swim is a non-factor come race day. I haven’t yet figured out where I’ll be able to get some open-water swimming in during the summer and that is on my to-do list.

4. My weight is dropping, slowly. I started this adventure at 220lbs, with a goal of dropping down to about 200lbs come race day. Well, I’m down. I’m sitting right around 207lbs today and think that 200 is achievable.

Ultimately, I am on the road. I’m chipping closer to my goal.

The season is upon us and getting outside is made easier. The tough season of training inside on the trainer, cold weather running and bundling up (this year, only a few times) is over.