Break’s Over


I took a break. A long break. Almost three weeks off. I ran about 10 kilometres the entire break. I biked once for an hour. I swam twice, maybe 3 kilometres each. That’s it. The last two weeks while in Italy, I did nothing.

Well, that’s not true. I ate. Alot. When in Rome…

But now, the break’s over.

It started yesterday with a hard bike. Hard because man, I haven’t done anything in three weeks.

It continued today with a hard swim, because, I haven’t done anything in three weeks.

The fact that each of those workouts was hard has me of two minds:

One: Why did I take the time off? I get down on myself. Call myself lazy. It would have been easy to go out for a run. It didn’t even have to be far. Why didn’t I stop myself from eating all those carbs in Italy? Pasta, pizza, gelato and repeat. I was indulgent. Even gluttonous.

Two: Alright, time to focus. I know my base will return. Time to find my discipline. Rework the training schedule and then get down to it. I loved the feeling of suffering on the bike last night. Pushing my legs to quiver for just ten minutes more. My body is rested, now I am ready for the real gruelling part of my training. It’s time.

So, I struggle between letting go of Mind #1 and embracing Mind #2. Using my doubt as motivation to push me.

Luckily, last night while on the rollers I watched a great documentary called “A Ride with George Hincapie” and I got a chance to see that even him, a great Tour rider, struggles with those nagging feelings of doubt that he is out of his element. But it is the discipline of his task that allows him to continue.

So now, break’s over.