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10 x 100 on 1:30

I love the feeling first thing in the morning of diving deep into the water, letting it wash over me, feeling weightless and being aware of the silence. Just floating. I love frolicking in the water. You know, as a kid, doing handstands in the shallow end. Cannonballs off the diving board. Throwing the frisbee […]

Shane Pegg – The Road to Boston

People Who Inspire Me: Shane Pegg Shane Pegg is one of my dear closest friends.  He is a guy, like no other, who can call my BS and challenge me to be better while being incredibly supportive. (I wrote a blog post on my education blog about it: Who Challenges You?)  He is one of […]

My Love/Hate Relationship with Numbers

I’m an English teacher. I like words. I like writing. That never changes. Numbers are not for me. Usually. They scare me, make me feel uncomfortable. My wife once said, “You lack basic math skills.” And although not completely accurate, it was pretty close. But now I find myself constantly fiddling with the numbers. How […]