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Benchmark Testing

Three weeks ago, my training had been going well. Steady. I was getting into the rhythm of serious daily commitments. My swim group hadn’t started yet in our tri-weekly swims, but I was riding or running 5-6 days a week. Easy. I felt good coming out of Wasaga, consciously working on my running, and chipping […]

Mr. Kemp, Why would you do that?

It was innocent enough, a student I was talking to asked, “Why would you do that?” We were talking about setting goals, short-term goals and long-term goals. We were talking about setting our bar high. About pushing our expectations of ourselves. We were also talking about being honest about our intentions. And that’s when it […]

The Advice of Coach Pinkney

It was simple. The advice he gave was direct. I used it tonight, as my mantra over the 10k I ran. “Run Tall.” “Lean Forward.” “Relax.” “Quick Feet.” I kept repeating it, over and over. When I felt my posture droop, I reminded myself to stand tall. When I felt my heel striking ways return, […]

Wasaga Beach Olympic Distance – Sept. 10th

Swim (1.5km) Going into this swim, it was the first time I competed with a wetsuit and boy, what a difference.  I got out on the open water twice in the wetsuit before the race and had put in a marginal effort training for the swim leg. I’m confident in my swim, especially at 1.5km. […]

It Has Changed Everything

A few months ago, I wouldn’t have had the ability to walk away. I was standing in Vincenzo’s, in front of the dessert display. For you, not in Kitchener/Waterloo, picture your favourite bakery/pastry place and you will envision the smorgasbord of chocolate desserts. But there I was, and I drooled, considered and walked away. A […]