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One Year…

And so it goes. Days have been shortening as the summer meanders its way into autumn.  School is only one week away. The abundance of free time I have in the summer is gone. This leaves me looking at the calendar with the realization that I’m now within a year from the gunshot. A year […]

A Close Call

When I decide to go for a ride, my first and most direct instinct is to get out of the city. The traffic, the lights, the sketchy bike lanes and brutal shoulders all convince me that the open, quiet roads of the country are for me. Now, I’m not talking the middle of nowhere, but […]

Put On The Spandex

I didn’t feel like riding today.  I didn’t feel like running. I didn’t feel like swimming.  I felt like sitting on my fat ass and eating a bag of chips, with dip.  That’s how I felt. On top of all that, I’ve been off my bike, shoes and flutter board for just over a week. […]