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Listening to the advice of Jen Voigt – “Shut up legs.”

I’ve never climbed the Galibier, the Tourmalet, or the 21 switchbacks of Alpe d’Huez.  And as I watch the suffering of the Tour de France, I can’t wrap my head around doing it day after day. That said, I’ve felt that pain. That deep tissue burn.  The taste in your mouth as you will your […]

Five Things That Scare Me The Most About An Iroman

I’m a brave man. No really, I love taking risks. I’ve bungee jumped, sky dived, even went toe to toe with a mountain lion. Okay, not all those are true, but generally very little scares me. Part of that is a laid back nature I have, but the other element is I’m a bit of […]

In Constant Pursuit …

“If you do not live your life in constant pursuit, you do not live.” – Anonymous I am someone who loves a challenge. Always have. Probably always will. I’ve challenged myself this time. I have been rolling it through my head for a couple years now and I have now gone and done it.  Registered […]