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400 days down, 12 to go

Four hundred days ago, I started this journey. Four hundred. Can you believe it? When I think about it, it seems to have flown by fast and I try to hold onto each of these twelve remaining days. But at the same time, I look at all that has happened. Four hundred days. Right now, […]

Am I Ready?

Everyone who I run into or talk to or know me, keep asking me this same question. Am I ready? And for those of you who have been asking, who knows? Since January, I have swum around 250km, about 2855km, and run almost 665km. If that makes me ready, than I am. I have taken […]


One of the most impressive stories of Lance Armstrong’s dedication to winning is when after reaching the top of the Galibier in the freezing, cold rain, Lance looks at Johann and says, “I’m going to do it again, just so I know precisely.” (words may be paraphrased). Reconnaissance of the major climbs in the Tour […]

Into the Pit of Pain at the American Triple T (Part 2 of 2)

Here is the continuation of my race report after the American Triple T. To read Part 1. Race #3: Olympic 3 Bike: 40km Swim 1.5km Run 10km As noted above, this race, although similar in distance, the order was changed. We started on the bike with a nice out and back route. Nice, especially on […]

Into the Pit of Pain at the American Triple-T (Part 1 of 2)

Training for Ironman is often gruelling. It requires a dedication of time, resources and lots of energy. I have found myself many times with aching, tired legs and feet that would prefer being raised onto my coffee table and left alone. But this past weekend, was a whole new kind of tired.¬† I had the […]

How Did I Get Here?

Six years ago, I was a fat 250 pounds. I didn’t run. I didn’t jog. Heck, I didn’t ever even break into a trot. At all. In fact, I hated running. ¬†However, my wonderful wife challenged me to get off the couch and to run a half-marathon. Knowing no better and acting on the same […]

The Season is Upon Us

The days are running low. I’m staring at the calendar and it seems that months have flown by and now I see six weeks between me and Triple T (four triathlons in a weekend) and only 130 days until Ironman. Yikes! With that said, I have been lax at writing on this blog for no […]

Break’s Over

I took a break. A long break. Almost three weeks off. I ran about 10 kilometres the entire break. I biked once for an hour. I swam twice, maybe 3 kilometres each. That’s it. The last two weeks while in Italy, I did nothing. Well, that’s not true. I ate. Alot. When in Rome… But […]

10 x 100 on 1:30

I love the feeling first thing in the morning of diving deep into the water, letting it wash over me, feeling weightless and being aware of the silence. Just floating. I love frolicking in the water. You know, as a kid, doing handstands in the shallow end. Cannonballs off the diving board. Throwing the frisbee […]

My Love/Hate Relationship with Numbers

I’m an English teacher. I like words. I like writing. That never changes. Numbers are not for me. Usually. They scare me, make me feel uncomfortable. My wife once said, “You lack basic math skills.” And although not completely accurate, it was pretty close. But now I find myself constantly fiddling with the numbers. How […]